Fix Convenience is an expert in managing retail business processes.

Process Improvement

Business Issues

Businesses are dynamic and so are the processes within them.  We work with you to identify, analyse and improve your existing processes to achieve your goals through effective business process solutions.

Business Solutions

We challenge your current business practices by mapping existing processes to identify pain points and inefficiencies. Applying creative business process solutions, we eliminate bottlenecks, optimise processes and produce roadmaps to achieve your targeted outcomes.

Benefits of Fix

Fix creates efficiency, reduces cost and increases time savings, enhancing business effectiveness.  We work with your team to ensure buy-in and collaboration to achieve your business goals.

Program Co-ordination

Business Issues

Managing business process to achieve marketing, category and sales targets requires expert co-ordination of multiple internal and external parties.  Numerous issues can arise that impact deadlines and increase costs, particularly where stakeholders have conflicting objectives or where they are managing multiple tasks.


Business Solutions 

Fix assesses your retail, marketing and trade requirements and establishes a joint plan with you to meet your business, customer and stakeholder deadlines.  We then take ownership of the plan and execute it to completion.

Benefits of Fix

Fix enables you to achieve your promotions and marketing targets within your required time frame.  We act as an additional arm of your business and manage the process seamlessly, ensuring transparency and active communication to all stakeholders.

Program management services that add value 

Promotions Co-ordination

Marketing Co-ordination

Category Support

Retail Operations

Business Issues

The ultimate measure of successful retail strategy is successful in store execution. Ensuring the right range is in the right position, on the right shelf, and that promotions are consistently executed across all stores are critical to retail success.  Ineffective retail operations can result in loss of sales and market share, and a failure to meet the needs of your customers.



Business Solutions

Fix can assist in managing your in store functions to achieve your operational business goals.  We work within your business parameters and offer a range of services including space management, merchandising, analytics and in store checks to ensure optimum ranging and promotional compliance.

Benefits of Fix

Fix undertakes retail operations on your behalf, saving you time and effort.  We engage your retail network and provide performance reporting to ensure compliance targets are met.

Retail services to boost your sales

Compliance Checks

Space Planning



Customer Service

Business Issues

Organisations often lack the resource to meet the service expectations of their customers.  Key projects may also stretch existing internal resources to meet your customers' service expectations.  Effective internal and external customer-centric communication is vital for business success.

Business Solutions

Fix specialises in providing professional, locally based customer service support to meet your customer servicing requirements.  We offer an agile team with the experience to manage multiple queries from multiple communication sources.

Benefits of Fix

Fix provides customer service support solutions to meet your ongoing, or short term, business requirements.  The highest level of service is provided, with rapid response and query resolution.





Data Management

Business Issues

Organisations are often overwhelmed with information from multiple data sources - both internal and external.  Data is often difficult to use and interpret and organisations can be hampered by a lack of visibility of key measures.  Reworks may be necessary, requiring time and effort, and all of this can lead to missed business opportunities.


Business Solutions

Fix ensures that we build a comprehensive understanding of where you are and where you want to be when it comes to your business information.  We focus on bringing key business, retail and market data together and providing integrated, insightful information that leads to better decision-making.

Benefits of Fix

Your data is comprehensive, easy to use, easy to access and presented in a way that provides the answers to your business questions, leading to the right action.

Data Management services supporting our clients' success

Data Collation and Processing

Customer Database Management

Price File Management